Truth and Trust

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June 6, 2017
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September 28, 2018
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Truth and Trust

“Truth and Trust:” SenioROI and creative partner EnVeritas Group to co-present at inaugural Enquire Summit

Enquire, one of the leading CRM and call-center solutions in the senior living space, will host the inaugural Enquire Summit from September 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Offering a number of education sessions, workshops and training, Enquire Summit will bring together communities in the senior housing and post-acute industry to learn how innovative technology can revolutionize sales processes and the client experience.


SenioROI, a Charlotte, NC-based targeted marketing company and partner agency EnVeritas Group, a creative agency based out of Greenville, SC, are event sponsors, and will be presenting, “Truth and Trust: Story-Driven Content Channeled to Your Target Prospect and Adult Child.”


Together, SenioROI and EnVeritas Group work with a wide range of senior-living communities, helping them convert customers with one central strategy: Be authentic, be honest, be trustworthy. As EVG’s CEO, Brice Bay, explains, “Quality content equals consumer trust. Consumers expect user-focused, experience-centric content that gives them the information they need.”


SenioROI CEO Mark Ingram and Maribeth Jenkins, Director of Sales and Marketing, will share insight on how to use proprietary data and reporting technologies to filter and direct this content to the most qualified prospects across multiple marketing channels. “This combination of creative and targeting technologies delivers maximum lead generation for organizations,” says Ingram. “SenioROI is thrilled to sponsor the inaugural Enquire Summit, and we look forward to presenting with EnVeritas Group to share best practices in our industry.”


EnVeritas CEO Brice Bay and Harris Quinn, Director of Business Development, will open the session with an exploration of challenges and solutions in creating effective prospect conversations through meaningful, elegant content. “We use good data to guide our storytelling. Our content should answer questions and solve problems,” says Bay.


SenioROI and EnVeritas Group began their partnership in 2018, recognizing that their shared services provided a huge and unique benefit to senior living communities. Their current clients include Epworth Villas, Franklin Park, and The Terraces of Boise, among others.


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