Tip For How To Market Senior Living Communities To Prospective Clients

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June 25, 2021
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June 30, 2021
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Tip For How To Market Senior Living Communities To Prospective Clients

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There are many different decision-making levels when it comes to determining if a senior can continue to live on his or her own. Often the senior has a strong desire to remain in the family home or the home of a family member. The family member or the adult children may not be comfortable with the safety and security of an aging parent or parents living on their own.

Creating a Sense of Community and Enjoyment

Understanding how to market senior living communities to appeal to both the senior as well as the decision makers in the family can be difficult. Many senior living facilities focus on lists of services they provide or specific features they offer their residents.

However, in most cases, these lists are similar between facilities. They are also not informative to prospective clients and decision makers, and they have limited if any emotional appeal. One of the key factors we use in helping our clients to learn how to market senior living communities is to focus on the emotional message directed to the right people.

  • Branding message – a branding message should be consistent in all marketing. It should focus on the positive results of moving into a senior living community that appeals to both the senior and the adult children.
  • Tapping into their stage of decision making – most seniors and their families consider the future and plan for an eventual move into a senior living community. Sharing information, positioning your community as a trusted resource, and developing name recognition is critical in the early stages.

Having the ability to target the audience and to learn how to market senior living communities provides the best return on your investment. To find out more, call the team at SenioROI at 844-841-3268.