California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The California Consumer Privacy Act (better known as CCPA) goes into law on January 1, 2020, and is somewhat similar to the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) rules that went into place in Europe a few years ago. Although not as strict as the GDPR, and currently applies only to California, it will have an impact on how you and SenioROI can market to prospective consumers.

Under the CCPA consumers have three main rights:

THE RIGHT TO KNOWLEDGE: Consumers have the right to know what information a company is collecting about them, how that information will be used, and whether that information will be disclosed or sold to a third party. They will be able to obtain, twice a year at no charge, all the information that a company has about them, how that information was collected, and who else has received that information

THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN: Consumers must be able to request the deletion of all of their personal information. If that information has been shared with other parties, those parties must also delete the information.

THE RIGHT TO CONTROL WHO HAS ACCESS TO THEIR INFORMATION: Consumers must be able to opt-out of the resale of their information. Additionally, consumers under the age of 16 must affirmatively opt-in to resale, and consumers under the age of 13 must have the written permission of a parent or guardian. Along this same vein, if a consumer’s information is improperly disclosed because of a company’s negligence, the CCPA makes it easier for consumers to sue, even if there is no evidence that the data breach caused the consumer harm.

SenioROI is taking this very seriously. We have all the proper mechanisms in place, as required by CCPA, to track how, when and where a consumer’s data is shared throughout our client base and data platforms. We also have the necessary mechanisms in place for a consumer to submit both a request to know, as well as a request to delete, with proper identity validation in place to adhere to the standards of CCPA.

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