Successful Senior Marketing Campaigns Start with the Right Target Audience

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June 30, 2021
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Successful Senior Marketing Campaigns Start with the Right Target Audience

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Optimizing your senior living marketing campaign is the key to more website traffic and more potential clientele. The best way to perfect your marketing is through studying your client base with extensive customer analytics.

However, you must first determine which audience is most worthwhile to advertise to before applying these principles. Understanding the right target audience for senior living services is the difference between high-traffic and low-traffic advertising campaigns.

Who Is My Primary Customer Base?

Recent statistics from sources such as NPR state that the primary consumers for senior living communities are the children of seniors, usually between the ages of 30 and 40. This population accounted for over 10 million customers in 2012, and this number had tripled since 1998.

This trend has continued into the modern-day era. According to the American Health Care Association, as of 2020, over 800,000 Americans resided in assisted living communities, with most being over 85 years old. Even more Americans are taking part in nursing and retirement homes and villages.

In their age, most of these residents did not enroll entirely by themselves, requiring the aid of younger and more tech-savvy family members. As technology continually evolves, this customer base of seniors’ children continues to be the primary audience for senior living services.

Your advertisements and marketing should target this audience. Consider the audience when determining website design and where and how you market your senior living services. Using the right tools will uncover what more prospects are interested in and how best to advertise to them.

How to Optimize for the Seniors’ Children Audience

Most clients seek senior living information online. Optimizing the traffic of your website and fine-tuning your website content will create better results and promote longer user engagement.

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will improve your site traffic when users search for related keywords or phrases. Use sources such as Google Analytics to determine which words and phrases potential clientele are researching most.

Note that the typical user’s senior living searches do not begin with company names. They are often unfamiliar with senior living providers before searching for services. indicates that the majority of customer searches begin with general phrases like “assisted living.”

Other techniques, such as adding meta descriptions and links to commonly reputable sources, will also improve site traffic. Consequently, high site traffic corresponds to higher website participation, and a large portion of users will click on the first few websites that appear during their search.

Google My Business is a helpful tool that can establish a great amount of credibility and optimization. Entering your business information will make photos, contact information, and addresses appear when your business is searched for on the engine.

Children of seniors are interested in seeing information that transparently discusses the quality of senior living services rather than marketing slogans. Because of this, including user reviews and credential statements is a great strategy. Customers want to know how long you have been in business to establish trust and credibility.

Websites that are well-designed and highly usable also create trust. The more accessible your site is to people of all ages, the more traffic it will receive. Improving usability is as simple as keeping navigation bars uncluttered, creating multiple pathways to useful pages, and presenting contact information on as many pages as possible.

When advertising online, consider which platforms would be most easily seen by the children of seniors. Social media sites such as Facebook, whose demographic is older, are more worthwhile than sites like Twitter that have younger users on average.

Facebook Ads is an excellent marketing tool that allows you to create advertisements and select your audience. The system will automatically pair your ad with pages that your primary audience tends to visit. You can filter by demographics such as age, location, occupation, and more.

SenioROI Data Analytics Tools

While the above tips help garner credibility and website traffic, the right user analytics tools can create an even more prolific senior living marketing campaign. SenioROI is all about leveraging customer-management relationships to boost your advertising results.

With this service, you can create and track customer demographic profiles spanning up to 28 niches. This allows your business to identify who your best customers are. From there, you can find other potential customers with the same interests, demographic, and psychographic information.

Our Custom List Solutions can identify which customers may seek senior living services shortly by referencing several comprehensive national consumer databases.

The Adult Children Customer Acquisition Tool contains a frequently updating prospect list of about 25 million potential clients. The tool also catalogs their postal and email addresses. More prospects equate to more engagement potential for your advertisements, website, and business.

Marketers have traditionally had trouble identifying family ties and relationships in customers. However, our tools are also capable of understanding potential clients’ family ties. Whether they are extended family members, divorced, or had name changes, SenioROI can identify these prospects for your senior living community.

SenioROI also has a competitive community analysis tool. It tracks potential clients who chose a competing community as well as their reasons why. It also compares your community statistics versus the competition, providing a holistic understanding of the differences between your community and other choices.

The SenioROI data collection tool compiles potential client’s data, both online and offline. Using this allows your marketing campaign to better assess how to advertise in impactful ways to boost client responses. Data hygiene services keep this information up-to-date and relevant for analysis.

In addition, our tools can produce records of self-reported health conditions among potential clients while complying with HIPAA regulations. This will help your business account for prospective needs like memory care, skilled nursing, and more.

With SenioROI’s intel, you can develop your senior living community into the client’s preferred choice based on past and present customer information. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about our senior living marketing agency tools.