Email Marketing for Senior Living

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April 14, 2020
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June 11, 2020
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Email Marketing for Senior Living

Email Marketing for Senior Living

Why do an email marketing campaign for your Senior Living Facility?  

In senior living, converting a lead into a resident is a marathon, not a sprint. Email marketing is a cost-effective medium that can assist in winning the race by placing your brand in-front of leads and creating brand awareness. For instance, a well-designed email campaign could be the first introduction a lead has with your senior living facilities. Email marketing, along with your other marketing efforts, allows potential residents to get to know your community before ever stepping foot in the facility. This allows you to give leads a taste of what amenities they would have access to, what the dining experience is like, introduce them to new friends and so much more.  

How to create an effective email marketing campaign for Senior Living.

  • Define messaging for the emails that align with the brand and the goal for the email campaign.
  • For instance showcase staff members, highlight amenities, introduce residents, as well as invitations to virtual and face-to-face events.  
  • Keep the content brief and impactful, this will entice the reader to want more information and click within the email and drive engagement. 
  • Place a captivating Call-To-Action in the top half of the email. Having the CTA high ensures all openers have a chance to see the main purpose of the email. This allows them to engage even if they decide not to scroll through its entirety. 
  • Keep images to a minimum. Many recipients will have images disabled and this can cause an email to land in the spam folder and can increase the load time of an email.
  • Create an impactful subject line. The subject line is the driver of the email, it can determine inbox placement, and can be the deciding factor if the recipient decides to open and read the email. 
  • Effective subject lines typically include a sense of urgency, a question, and are short as most subject line viewers show less than 50 characters.
  • Review the email against the CAN-SPAM Act, ensuring it meets all guidelines.
  • TEST the email!  An effective email will render well on all platforms and on all viewing devices.  

What results can you expect of an effective email marketing campaign? 

For each email send in your email marketing campaign for your Senior Living Facility, there are two main factors that determine how effective the email send was: open rate and click rate. On average, an effective email will have the following results: 

  • 3-5% of the emails delivered opened  
  • .05-.3% of recipients click within the email  

Consistent communication, refreshed messaging, and constant list management will maintain and increase email deployment results. Doing so will make your email campaigns more engaging and most importantly, more successful.

Visit digital-marketing for more information on how SenioROI can help with e-mail marketing to your Senior Living Prospects. You can also contact your sales representative or reach out to us at