At SENIOROI, we set ourselves apart with our unique, hands-on approach. Our focus is to learn and become an integral part of your outreach process by providing the expertise and unmatched commitment to successfully grow your business. Our team of seasoned professionals brings more than 32 years of direct marketing experience to the table. Whether it’s accurately targeting new prospects or increasing your marketing ROI, we produce measurable results.

“I had purchased other lists in the past that didn’t seem to connect my communities with the best qualified candidates.  I was sick of finding piles of return mail after expensive direct mail projects.  Once I purchased a list from SENIOROI, I immediately noticed a significant difference. The leads that came in the door were financially qualified with highly accurate information, I couldn’t believe it!  I’ll never purchase a mailing list with anyone else.  Why would I?  Their team is always prompt and reliable making the process a synch. SenioROI is a company filled with exceptional people doing exceptional work!”

Jill Coleman, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America

Targeted Marketing

Meet Paul and Polly Prospect

We’re Paul and Polly, your ideal prospective target. In order to speak to us directly, you have to know how to find us. By profiling your in-house lists and learning your general business model, SenioROI will work with you to eliminate waste and provide accurate data on leads that fit your specifications. SenioROI then runs comparative list assessments and delivers more prospective targets with the same characteristics through their proprietary list procurement process.

Custom List Solutions

Add more power and expanded reach to your direct marketing with exclusive lists developed just for you.

Data Analytics

Where did that lead go? We can tell you where and how you should communicate with them in the future.

Turnkey Print and Mail

We offer digital and offset printing capabilities along with mail processing and delivery tracking.

Digital Marketing

Expand your marketing touch points through email and digital advertising.

Today, marketers simply cannot afford to waste their budget on prospects who have little chance of purchasing their products. That’s why SENIOROI’s customer acquisition tools use statistical and logical thinking to help marketers identify family connections to existing customers and prospects.